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We're Kevin & Sarah

We're on a mission to make our turn-of-the-century house into a home fit for the 21st century - and we want to share the ups and downs with you.

When we started working remotely in 2020, we knew we had an opportunity to change our lives. We just didn't know it would involve an old house, a whole lot of paint, and some of the most rewarding work we've ever done.

An old house? Nah, that's not us...

10 minutes inside the Victorian house that Kevin originally wrote off, we knew we had found something special. 

Big windows, ornate moulding - we couldn't build those things today if we tried! Sure, it needed some (okay, a lot of) work, but the house stole our hearts. Since then, we've been pouring our hearts into making it work for our 21st century lifestyle - and do it according to our values (more on those below!).

Turns out, so many of you also dreamed of - or are! - doing the same. And we were humbled when you joined us.

In 2022, we shared with you our next chapter: we're taking on our second old home, an even bigger and more rewarding challenge.

We couldn't be happier to have you here.

You can deeply respect a home's history while also modernizing it for today.


What we believe

The future is brighter when work-from-home works


What we believe

The greenest house is the one already built* - and the same goes for decor.


What we believe

*Attributed to Carl Elefante, Former President of the American Institute of Architects

Beautiful doesn't have to mean breaking the bank.


What we believe

How'd we get here? 

Sarah moves into Kevin's bachelor pad, only to have to move out 60 days later after the landlord sold it!

On a serious budget, we always did whatever we could to make our rentals shine.


Bought our first home, the County House, a 1889 Victorian - 2.5 hours outside of the city!


Less than six weeks later, got married on the front porch! 

Henry was delighted!

Poured our energy into the County House - like creating our custom build-in wardrobes by hacking an IKEA PAX!

Blown away to be featured by Domino, Apartment Therapy, Globe & Mail, Toronto Life, Circa, and others!  

Renovated the County House kitchen, one of our toughest but most rewarding projects

Despite loving our County House, we missed family. A big change in plans, but we're moving back closer to the city! 


Restored the exterior of the County House - bringing it back to its close-to-original colours and curb appeal.


More to come!