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Some News: We’re Moving

December 1, 2021

Hey there - we're Kevin & sarah
Follow along as we transform our (second!) turn-of-the-century house into a restored, 21st century dream home. 
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Some News: We're Moving
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Today we’re sharing some unexpected news: we’re going to sell our house.

It’s hard to believe those words are real and on the internet. But life changes fast. In recent weeks, we’ve realized our need to be closer to family and – while heartbreaking – it means closing the chapter on this house and opening the door for someone new to love it as much as we do.

This was our first house, one we thought would be our forever home. And, boy, was it on the receiving end of some pent-up energy. We’re so, so proud of how we made her better, happier, brighter, and more sustainable than she was when we found her.

We never dared dream we’d live in a place like this. There’s not a day we don’t wake up, look around, and pinch ourselves. That’s especially true as we realize that the clock is ticking on our time here.

And perhaps the best part of this house was the people who welcomed us here, our neighbours. You know, you can shop for house features and finishes all you like. What’s harder to nail, though, is who your neighbours are. Backyard fires, text extravaganzas, shared Pinterest boards, porch wine tastings, babysitting Poppy (our nursing co-parented lamb), sworn-to-secrecy swimming hole spots, and special pizza deliveries from our favourite pie shop 250km away – this was just the way of life here that we were generously included in from day one. Not to mention an outpouring of love when we got married on our porch during COVID 6 weeks after moving in. As we’ve told our neighbours our news over the last few days, all of that has weighed heavily on us.

As for our next chapter, we’ll be sharing more about that soon. For now, though, we’ve got our hands full as we prepare to find this house’s next caretakers.

Onwards and upwards,

Kevin & Sarah

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hey there - We're
kevin & sarah

We're making an old house work for modern life.

Follow along as we transform our (second!) turn-of-the-century house into a restored, 21st century dream home. 

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